Look at this wonderful compilation made by the England team of BBC News:


Featuring woice of Dr. Alice Laciny from Vienna Natural History Museum (NHM Wien)

Newly described Colobopsis explodens ant was sitting in the Petri plate. Another species of exploding ant was introduced. This species has nickname AR (all red) and is not yet described taxonomically. It is slightly larger than Colobopsis explodens. The "owner" of the Petri plate attacks the intruder and explodes on him. Prior to explode the ant grabs a leg of the enemy so that even though the explosion didn't kill the enemy instantly, the exploded ant will stay attached to the enemy forever restraining its normal movements.

A Weaver ant is introduced on a brunch of Colobopsis explodens host tree. Colobopsis explodens explodes on the head of the Weaver ant shortly after.

More videos can be found here: http://cocymedia.tuwien.ac.at/media-library/other-videos

Video credits: Aexey Kopchinskiy, TU Vienna
Location: Brunei, Borneo, KBFSC (https://goo.gl/maps/ptUfbWYmUJ82)
Date: November 2015